Meet Charmaine

Charmaine Seavy transforms ideas into high-performance marketing machines.

Charmaine Seavy CT Media Buyer at CV Media, Inc.

There’s more to marketing than meets the eye.

You need great creative. And you need the best channels to engage your audiences.

Getting the right placement and the right timing—and all without being overcharged—takes hard work, technical savvy, and tough negotiation skills.
Which is where Charmaine Seavy comes in. She’s your secret weapon.

She’s the one fighting in your corner for the best creative, the best placements, and the best prices. She’s the one working late into the night and through the holidays and weekends to make sure your ads are running where and when they’re supposed to. She’s the one checking all your invoices.

And she’s the only one who can get you all the extras you didn’t know you could get, like bonus spots, promotions and interviews.

Experience and expertise makes the world of difference when it comes to making your marketing truly effective.

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